How to accept where you're at

July 26, 2016

Today I asked for guidance from the universe to help me accept where I am and to help others find solace that they are exactly where they need to be.

And low and behold, I come across this, a quote from Prince, when asked, “Do you regret anything?”, he responds, “No… you take one thing out and the structure falls.”

Yesterday, Natasha and I caught up for a delicious Sunday lunch. As we were chatting, Natasha brought to light the idea that if we knew then what we know now, our entire business would look different. So very true, but if it weren’t for the way we progressed, for the things we learnt, for the times we fell, we would not know what we know now. 

It’s all a process. I often tell friends/clients, that before it happens, it feels like it’s never going to happen, but once it does, you will understand why everything happened the way it did. 

Today I was being called to pick up my favourite book, “Ask and it is given”. I opened the book and ready the chapter “Virtual Reality”, which is an exercise where you basically fantasise about an ideal scene in your mind. You visualise the smells, the temperature, the location, the company, etc. But The goal of the exercise is to feel immense joy and once you have reached your desired level of joy, you are to leave the visualisation (this is to avoid our thoughts getting in the way and over analysing the scene). The more often you can do this, the more often you will be in vibrational alignment with the feeling that you desire - JOY

I feel that society has us misguided. We often feel like success is something to be acquired, that it’s “over there”, but the truth is that success is right here. Right now, in the moment. Success is the feeling of now, the feeling of joy, happiness, gratitude, love. 

I don’t have to accept where I’m at because I love where I’m at. I love this moment, and everything that comes with it. You will always want more money, more clients, more freedom, more travel, more health. But instead of coming from a place of lack (i.e. you want more because you feel you don’t have enough), come from a place of abundance, “I am so happy and grateful now because I always feel so energised after my morning green juice” or “I am so happy and grateful now because that delicious nutritious sandwich satisfied my tastebuds and fuelled my body”. Oh, how wonderful life would be. 

I know, if you’re reading this, that you probably already think like this most of the time, the trick is being able to bounce back to the feelings that you desire as quickly as you can. You don’t need to eliminate negative thoughts, as we can’t delete thoughts, instead replace them with better feeling thoughts. 

Example: The last few weeks, my toenail has been very sore, I’m pretty certain it is ingrown. I have been treating it with essential oils and paw paw cream. When I pay too much attention to the pain and to the toenail, I notice that it worsens. But when I replace the thought with a different thought that feels better, I notice that the pain is considerably reduced. I try to instead focus on how good my arms feel after my last workout, or how great my skin looks from eating such delicious and nutritious food, or how great it feels when my clients reach out to me to tell me how much our work together is helping them. Those thoughts all feel great and the more I fill up my day with them, the better I begin to feel, the more I start to love where I’m at, and then the more the universe aligns me with more things that make me feel great. 

Notice the pattern? I am not forcing a feeling, I am just shining light on areas in my life where that thought already exists. 

I will finish with this beautiful note from the universe (available daily from

“The secret behind miracles is that the person performing them begins without any knowledge whatsoever of exactly how they will succeed… yet they still begin.” 

Love and light <3

When you need to start making money like yesterday...

June 30, 2016

When you need to start making money like yesterday… 

Ok, so we have all been there.

You are willing to:
  • create content
  • be a social media ninja
  • write great emails and blogs
  • offer freebies
  • host webinars
  • live stream
  • etc.

But at what point does that convert to MONEY? 

How can you start making money straight away with little to no cost to allow you to fund bigger projects and bigger launches?

This is JUST ONE basic method, but it works and its extremely valuable to the people you serve. 

What we expect that ...

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My Journey to becoming an Intuitive Hustler

March 10, 2016

They say you’re either a dreamer or a doer, a spiritual being or a grinder, an intuitive or a hustler, but that you can never be both.

I never understood the Law of Attraction nor did I believe. I felt as though hustle and grind was the only way to attain abundance. I thought the only path to success was littered with sleepless nights and bottomless coffee cups. For some this always will be the only path, and for a while that was my mindset too.

Hindsight is a powerful thing though, 12...

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How to have a CREATIVE Christmas!

November 10, 2015

Only 6 more Monday's til Christmas and we thought what better gift to give, than CB’s Creative Christmas Pack!

Inside you’ll find plenty of amazing ideas, tips and tricks to help celebrate Christmas business style!

This is the perfect opportunity to shower your clients with love and show them how much you truly appreciate their support throughout the year.

Download our FREE Creative Christmas Pack and get creating today! J




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How I made my home office PRODUCTIVE!

October 28, 2015

Getting work done at home can seem almost impossible. If I wasn’t lying in bed contemplating life, I’d be sitting up binge watching Netflix or forcing my cat to play with me. But enough was enough- it was time to find a way to tackle this “working from home” business! So here it is, my 3 rules to making your Home Office a productive one!


1.       Make a space and build a “real” office environment. Your bed does not double as a work station. If you want to be truly productive...

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3 Rules for Kick Ass Email Marketing

October 14, 2015

Email Marketing is a major part of the Marketing world now and something we encourage all our clients to get on board with. Your email list is the number one thing in your life (well your business life anyway!) and is a way for you to share knowledge and value as well as growing your brand and informing people about what you do and what issues you solve.

Check out our 3 rules for making your Email Marketing Kick Ass;

1.      1. Offer an incentive to get people to sign up; this is the firs...

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5 Time Management Hacks

September 18, 2015

As Entrepreneurs and business owners one of the most common pains we face is there not being enough hours in the day. The unfinished business from yesterday is still vying for our attention, the list of tasks for today is staring us in the face and we’re already creating a make shift list of thinks we need to get done tomorrow. It’s a never ending cycle.

So here it is, I’ve created 5 tips to manage your time and most importantly your life better. These tips are designed to help you st...

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Attracting your PERFECT client in 5 steps!

September 6, 2015

Anyone can get a client but how do you attract your PERFECT client?
The 5 steps below take you through each phase of the process to ensure you find yourself those ideal customers and make them a part of your business.

1. Know your brand, be your brand. The first step is simple and is all about understanding who you are as a brand, what you stand for, what your beliefs are and what you want to be known for. Write this information down, elaborate deeply on each dot point and make sure you’r...

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5 ways to start Manifesting!

August 19, 2015

Manifesting is one powerful tool and something that so few of us rely on and utilise each day. Some of the most influential people in the world attribute their success to manifestation and know that if you believe something, you can achieve it. So I’ve created a list of 5 simple ways you can start manifesting today and bringing positivity and change into your life!

1. Write a list of goals you want to achieve for the year. Doesn't matter how big or small it is, or how plausible you may thi...

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The 4 Elements to Creating an EPIC Promo Video!

August 2, 2015

Whether you’re launching a new product or service, a promo video is one of the many effective ways to get your brand message out there. Not only does the visual aspect far surpass any written content you provide to consumers but it’s interactive nature gets their attention and sparks their interest.

So what does an EPIC promo video need? Just the following 4 elements, that’s all;

1. Create a story line. Your video needs to have flow, it needs an introduction, a body and a conclusion...

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